“Without music life would be a mistake.”

~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche





Outreach Concert – Elizabethan Music for the Ramaz School

Part of our mission as an early music organization is to educate young musicians on a historical approach to music making. We were excited to have the opportunity to do just that at an outreach concert for a group of 260 middle school students at the Ramaz School in March 2015. The students were involved in a school-wide project focusing on Elizabethan England. After reading Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach for their annual Book Day, the students were treated to a culminating concert of Renaissance music complete with viola da gamba, lute, and voice.

Lisa Terry introduced the viola da gamba to the students and demonstrated a sprightly piece by Richard Sumarte written in the early 17th century.

Lutenist Charles Weaver spoke of the significance of John Dowland’s music and performed a stately Pavan by Daniel Bacheler.

After performing the melancholy “Weep You no More, Sad Fountains” by Dowland, Ryland Angel engaged the audience in a discussion about the tenor and countertenor voice ranges and even had the students sing along to the popular tune “Come Again.”
Our musicians were received warmly by the staff and students and the performance ended with an insightful question and answer session.

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